“Alexa came in to my life as a coincidence. Not only was that coincidence lovely, it was meant to be. Alexa has a true gift, and is just a wonderful human being to begin with. Everything she told me, described to me was 100% true and real. I’ve had many readings before and none of them were like the ones that she did for me. She brought my Grandmother through to me and it was bizarre, enlightening and fulfilling. I have never had anyone tell me details of events and things I’ve already done before! I’m so happy that she came into my life because now I have someone to truly help me heal, see, and understand my path in life. Thank you Alexa, you’re amazing!”

Maria Montclair, NJ. Master Hairstylist

“Alexa  Nicole is a talented Medium with a rare gift which she uses with light and love to benefit her clients  as well as the universe! She has a fresh and forthright style of communicating that is both heart centered,  and amazingly accurate. I appreciated her insights greatly and I look forward to my next session with her.”

Kim Montclair, NJHerbalist
“Alexa is such a gem. I met her at Alex Grey’s Full Moon Gathering event at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, she was offering readings that night, and I was so happy to be able to get one from her. I went in with an open mind and heart at what was going to come through from her, and was floored at what she delved into in a matter of minutes. She got to the heart of many underlying issues and pains in my life, things that I don’t talk about often or keep buried, but are matters that need to be addressed and healed. I feel that she gave me a much needed, gentle push to look into deeper healing and awakening as I move forward in my journey, and gave such beautiful encouragement at how far I’ve come. She was able to gain contact with my late Grandpa, who I haven’t made contact with since his passing. I could feel his love and warmth there, and she extended that love to me as well. It was such a sacred time, and I only experienced a fraction of what she can do. I would recommend her to anyone looking to gain deeper clarity on possible blocks, while also receiving love and encouragement.”
Sarah Buffalo, NYIndependent Journalist

“My reading with Alexa Nicole was nothing short of amazing. She’s very straight forward and to the point. I was given special practices to follow to help me with what I was needing to work on to over come my initial reason for seeking her out for a reading in the first place. She’s very thorough and lovely. It’s also quite incredible to watch her connect to spirit. When validating my crossed over loved ones were with us she was right on the mark. The messages of love and acceptance I was needing to hear were clear and soothing. This was a wonderful experience all around and would highly recommend her if you are seeking clarity on anything.”

Rebecca Ventura, CA
Holistic Health Coach with Peak Harmonic Living
Reiki Master
“My reading with Alexa was amazing! So spot on! I so appreciated her gifts and insight in a time when I needed some advice and another perspective. I received a lot from her reading, thank you Alexa!!! 
Daniela Gil Venice,CAAkashic Records Practitioner + Breathwork Facilitator

“My last reading with Alexa was spontaneously planned and highly beneficial! Not only were the messages from my grandmother relevant but also  sentimentality significant. As well as correctly relaying the message from spirit that I would be engaged in a two week timeframe to my long time boyfriend — now  Fiancè!

Overall a reading with Alexa is an experience to which I would highly recommend for any person; or as a gift that stays with you forever.”

Janel Hoboken, NJYoga Instructor & Reiki Master

I want to send you my deepest gratitude for your blissfulness and kindness.  I feel very blessed that we have met and I truly loooooved your workshop on “Ganesha Road Opener”, it was amazing.  Words can’t express the depth, I felt an amazing vibration and a deep connection.  It was meant that we have met and this is a beautiful beginning of finding my true purpose on this earth at this point in time.
I am very much looking forward to upcoming workshops with you and if I may send a message to everyone who is about to read this, sign up for whatever speaks to you.
Alexa also did a reading that was absolutely out of this world, literally!!!!!  She is truly amazing and bless her for being such a beautiful being from the inside out.
Peace, Love and Light to you all.  Life is beautiful, be grateful and kind and the universe will provide for you!!!!!!!!
Monika Chalmers, NJAnimal Healer
“Attending Alexa’s class was an experience like no other. She has so much passion and was able to connect us all to Archangel Ariel. I could feel his presence so strongly through the entire room. Divine love and acceptance filled the entire room. I felt supported, uplifted and connected with spirit during her class. I took home so much and the effects are something that will last a lifetime. I would highly recommend her class and I look forward to attending many more in the upcoming future.”
Kristin Kinnelon, NJRealm Of Healing
“When I attended her class, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I personally have been to many events from spiritual reflecting meditation classes to huge arena entrepreneur events. The energy as soon as you enter the room was warm. She would walk around interacting with everyone so light hearted which definitely brought me comfort. The class had a little of everything, taking you from meta physical spiritualism to practical everyday life. She truly cares not only of people who want guidance but of every being in existence. If we all just listen & feel, we can all learn a lot from each other. Thank you Alexa.”
Ronnie Bloomfield, NJTeacher
“Being very new to spirituality, I didn’t know what to expect when I took Alexa’s class. As the class started, Alexa; very genuinely, greeted everyone who came in. Alexa began by introducing herself, as well as making each and everyone of us comfortable. This quality of Alexa not only made me feel comfortable, but also helped me feel vulnerable and really dive into the full experience of her class. During Alexa’s class, her passionate energy resonated with myself as well as everyone around me. Alexa’s incorporation of soft background music made the atmosphere very unified. I felt a sense synchronicity; feeling the energies flowing, Alexa shared a story. As I had my eyes closed listening to this very compelling story of a young girl, I couldn’t help but relate to the young girl’s story. This was without a doubt the most moving hour spent, not only did I learn more about myself, but Alexa challenged everyone to continue finding who we are and continue spiritual growth.”
Sergio Morris Plains, NJGuitarist

“I went to Alexa’s class with an open mind and no expectations. Yet I was surprised at how powerful the class was. It was truly a blessing and my life is forever changed. Thank you Alexa for your courage to share, for your authenticity and pure love that connected us to the power of angels.”

Julie Montclair, NJ

“Alexa Nicole helps to guide us through our own moving and heartfelt spiritual transition, using her unique spiritual gifts to connect us all with that which is Divine in ourselves and in our universe”

Kim Montclair, NJHerbalist
“Alexa’s Archangel Michael class began with a chakra meditation which was so essential to centering us all on a Friday evening. As the sound of a gong radiated throughout the space, we were guided out of the mediation into an more awakened state, ready to go inward and journal privately. Although we had this time set to sort out our intentions indivivually the energy of the space and group was one.
I felt lifted, like each breath brought us closer to our higher selves and syncing up with the light and love of Archangel Michael!
As an energy healer and prayer warrior the ending affirmation has stuck with me through the past two weeks;
I am loved.
I am protected.”
Janel Hoboken, NJYoga Teacher