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Alexa Nicole is not a licensed medical doctor/therapist etc, and does not take place of these professional services
Alexa Nicole is not liable for any actions you choose to take with the information you receive

What are readings/channeling?
-Mediumship readings tune into the energy field of a person whom is no longer in their physical body.
I.e. Your family, friends, and pets in the spirit world, your spirit guides, angels, etc. It’s best to be open to receiving messages from everyone!
Psychic/Clairvoyant readings tap into your living aura with the ability to see images, or visions that are related to your life giving insight on your current life to help you to understand your own true potential.

I’ve never gotten a reading before, should I feel nervous/scared?
-Alexa Nicole provides all of her clients with an environment of upliftment, and security.
You will have forgotten all about your gitters right away!

-I really need to hear ONLY from my Mother, tell her I want to speak to her!
-Please come with an open mind! Please be inviting to everyone in spirit world!

-Tell me EVERYTHING I need to know about my partner! I need to know EVERY fact about them,
EXACTLY what they look like, the job he has, his age, who he is with right now, what her name is, the
EXACT date and the EXACT time we meet! What are the first 3 sentences he says to me, or do I say them first?

-Is it bad? Will I be cursed afterward?

-Isn’t it evil? Where do you get the information from, bad spirits?
…No. The information is from the Spirit World, and Alexa Nicole only works in the light.

-I want to start out with 15 minutes, am I able to extend my time to a 30 minute session?
-Yes of course! If Alexa Nicole is not scheduled afterward.

  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • On or involved in Film/TV
  • Holistic Practitioners

Book a session if:

  • You are ready to release trauma
  • Learn spiritual/holistic practices alleviate/reduce/rid yourself of  feelings of anxiety & depression
  • You’re successful in business, but carry loads of anger/resentment etc.
  • Your career is successful, but your relationships, spirituality, romance is imbalanced
  • Looking to connect with family, friends, pets, etc in spirit world to receive healing, and divine guidance
  • Ready to acquire insight on what steps/right steps to take in career to acquire maximum abundance! (Remember! Abundance is laughter, joy, love, travel, finances, etc!)
  • Deeper meaning and understanding of cause of Limited Beliefs/Why it holds you back from clients, booking ideal gigs, love, healing, all relationships
  • Ready to receive insight on subconscious underlying trauma